WOMEN’STEC is a unique organisation that delivers training to women in non-traditional skills.  We have a long history of training with a highly successful reputation for professionalism and quality.  All our courses are delivered by women in a female friendly environment.

We are expanding our services and are now offering a range of courses that could suit your organisational needs.

This includes:

• Bespoke DIY courses.

• OCNNI accredited courses in Joinery, Electrics, Plumbing, Wall and Floor Tiling and Painting and Decorating.

• OCNNI accredited courses in Internet and E-mail, Digital Devices, Using Spread Sheet Software, Using Database Software or other ICT courses you may require.

Whether you are a community based organisation with women keen to empower themselves or you are a business who have staff training needs, we can work with you to meet your requirements and would be happy to discuss your individual queries with you.

This services is available to anyone and can be delivered in your premises or here at WOMEN’STEC.

For further information and a full quote please contact Patricia Fleming at Tel:  (028) 9074 9810 or at patricia.fleming@womenstec.org