The National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications Archive

The National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications would like to know if they could be of assistance to any North Belfast Community Groups.

NIPR (formerly known as The Northern Ireland Publications Resource) was set up in the year 2000 after a research project showed that as little as 40% of local publications were being collected and preserved anywhere. NIPR exists primarily to identify, acquire, collect and preserve everything published in Northern Ireland and we also provide advice on getting work published.

More information about NIPR is available on the website at If you would like to hear about the NIPR project, or writers or local history groups who might like to get some advice about how to publish their work, a presentation can be given to community groups in their own location or arrangements can be made for groups to visit the Linen Hall Library to have a tour of the library and hear the NIPR presentation there. 

For further information contact: 

Name : Joan Crooks

Email :

Tel : 07801234520