Student Documentary Project Enquiry


I am currently studying a Diploma in Creative Media Production at Belfast Metropolitan College, and as part of my course I am working on a photography and film documentary project. My project is entitled "Unsung Heroes", and the goal of my project is to show the contribution that charity volunteers make to society and document the joy they bring to people's lives through their work, as well as raising awareness for local charities. I would love to know if there are any volunteers in your organisation based in Belfast that would be happy to participate in this project as a subject for a day, or even for a few hours sometime before the end of April. If you know anyone who may be interested please give them my contact details (please find at the end of this email) or forward this email to them.

A selection of the final photographs will be exhibited as part of a college wide photography exhibition in Belfast Metropolitan College Titanic Quarter campus in mid May (details still to be finalised), and anyone who participates or is interested in the project is more than welcome to come along to view them.

The main aim of my photography is to show the interactions between charity workers and the people they help on a daily basis. I will be focusing on the raw beauty of the emotion that is seen on a person's face when doing something to help another person, and the gratitude that is shown by the person receiving the help. This sort of interaction is something I find very inspiring and uplifting, and I feel it could be a very beautiful project. I am also interested in documenting other types of volunteer work that may not involve face to face interaction, and also I would love to photograph any fundraising activities if you have any upcoming events that I would be able to take photos at.

The film will be focused on 3 or 4 individual volunteers in order to tell their personal stories about why they think volunteering is important, why they have chosen their specific charity, what the charity means to them, what their motivation is and what they enjoy most about the volunteer experience. I would like to follow each person around while they are at work in order to get footage of them at work, and then I would like to set up and film the interview, so for this I would need someone who is comfortable speaking on camera.

Any help would be amazing so if it isn't too much trouble please let as many people know about this project as you can, I would be massively grateful. Anyone who takes part who would like digital copies of the final images and film are more than welcome to request these for free. If you would like any more information please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Thanks, Amy Pollock

Phone: 07547104472