Neighbourhood Renewal

North Belfast Partnership have been contracted to play a key role to facilitate and support the delivery of Neighbourhood Renewal in North Belfast.  DSD launched its Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy “People and Place” in June 2003.

The Strategy set out 4 interlinking objectives:

•    Community Renewal – to develop confident communities that are able and committed to    improving the quality of life in the most deprived neighbourhoods;

•    Economic Renewal – to develop economic activity in the most deprived neighbourhoods and connect them to the wider urban economy;

•    Social Renewal – to improve the lives of people in the most deprived neighbourhoods through better coordinated services and the creation of safer districts;

•    Physical Renewal – to help create attractive, safe, sustainable environments in the most deprived    neighbourhoods.

The Strategy proposes to target the worst 10% Wards as measured by the Noble Multiple Deprivation Measure and the worst 10% Enumeration Districts as measured by the Noble Economic Deprivation Measure, covering approximately 1/7 of the entire Northern Ireland population – by establishing “Neighbourhood Renewal Areas”.  A key element of the Strategy is the identification of Neighbourhood Partnership Boards in each Neighbourhood Renewal Area, to drive local planning and implementation.

The list of designated areas were announced by the Social Development Minister John Spellar on 29 July 2004 and include 13 in Belfast, four in Londonderry and 15 in other towns and cities across Northern Ireland.   The five areas in North Belfast are: Ballysillan/Upper Ardoyne, Crumlin/Ardoyne, Inner North, Ligoniel and Rathcoole.

The Belfast Area Partnerships have been contracted by DSD to facilitate and support the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy.   All Neighbourhood Partnership Boards are at different stages of development across Northern Ireland – in some areas community organisations have already come together to form a Board, in other areas there is a visible lack of existing structures and local organisations upon which to build.  This site aims to provide updates on the five areas in North Belfast.

A mid-term review of Neighbourhood Renewal was published in January 2011 and details the successes and lessons learned from Neighbourhood Renewal to date. It can be downloaded on the website in the publication section:

Neighbourhood Renewal Coordinators, left to right: David Ferris (Ballysillan/Upper Ardoyne), Louise Moore (Crumlin/Ardoyne) & Gerard Rosato (Inner North)

Work of Coordinators during the period  February – September 2014

Over the last year Coordinators have successfully carried out full reviews of all four North Belfast Partnership Action Plans.  This was then followed up by Partnership members and Coordinators completely revising Action Plans in order to make them more relevant and achievable.  Neighbourhood Renewal Information Packs and specific sections of Annual Reports were also reviewed and updated by Coordinators.  Across all Neighbourhood Renewal designated areas, Partnership meetings and themed Sub Group meetings are now being held on a regular basis and many of the actions contained within Action Plans are being taken forward by Coordinators.

Given that each of the designated Partnership areas have identified their own particular priorities, Coordinators have been taking the lead on pushing forward actions that are contained in their respective Action Plans. Some of the actions currently being taken forward include;

Inner North 

The Coordinator taking the lead on putting together an Active Awards for Sport funding application. The application will focus on increasing women and girls and older people’s participation in sporting activities. As well as being inter-generational, the initiative will also be cross community based. The coordinator is also working towards developing a coordinated response from Inner North Partnership members to planned developments in the Inner North catchment area. These include the Ulster University Development, The York Street Interchange and the proposed ‘North Side Urban Village’. Better links between the North Belfast Policing and Community Safety Partnership and Inner North’s Social and Community Sub Group is also being developed. 


The coordinator has project managed the Launch of the North Belfast Quit Campaign Charter which focusses on Smoking Cessation (developed by CANP Health group), working in partnership with PHA and BHSCT. Launched and supported by the Lord Mayor and Local Celebrities, it will ask communities to ‘sign up’ to the Charter and will be rolled out across all of North Belfast. The coordinator is also focusing on delivering Domestic Violence training in the area and has built a link with the local Domestic Violence Unit and PCSP to look into a more structured Community Safety plan for the area. The coordinator has worked in collaboration with local organisations to deliver ‘One Stop Shops’ that run twice a month. These promote education, training services and job opportunities in Belfast to the local residents.

Ballysillan/Upper Ardoyne

The Coordinator has been working closely with various agencies regarding regeneration and public realm works across the area. He has helped design programmes for BCC UR City2 funding which will include five local programmes and two area wide events. The area wide events, overseen and delivered by the BUANP Youth sub group, will be health promotion, and education/ training related roadshows to be completed by February 2015. The Coordinator has also just compiled a funding application for the Arts Council Re-imaging grant on behalf of and in consultation with the BUANP/LVNP Joint Forum after coordinating various portions from the respected organisations. 

As well as all of the above, coordinators are also working collaboratively with other members of the North Belfast team on projects such as; organising a Health and Well Being Collaboration conference, promoting the Men’s Shed project amongst the community sector and positively highlighting the Community Education Initiatives Programme at the community level. Over the last year coordinators have developed a positive rapport with community groups and community leaders as well as statutory representatives. They have also reinstated sub groups and revitalised the Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships by increasing their membership pools. Coordinators will continue to develop these partnerships.

Links to current action plans and information packs:

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