Health Development

North Belfast Health and Social Wellbeing Forum

North Belfast Health & Social Well-being Forum has been in existence from 1999 when North Belfast Partnership set it up to facilitate the bringing together of interested individuals & groups to develop a cross-community, partnership approach to addressing issues of health and social well-being throughout north Belfast.

The Forum provides a platform to discuss health issues across North Belfast and prioritise areas of work which need to be addressed; members include representatives from across the community, voluntary & statutory sectors working in the field of health & well-being with the overarching aim of reducing life inequalities throughout the locality.  The Forum has been pivotal in taking the lead in setting up a number of health related projects in North Belfast, including Community Action on Mental Health, RADICAL and PIPS.

Purpose of North Belfast Health & Social Well-being Forum:

To work together to improve the health and well-being of people in North Belfast.

Aims of North Belfast Health & Social Well-being Forum:                       

  1. To identify needs, and support service development and good practice.
  2. To advocate for the health and well-being needs of North Belfast people.
  3. To enable information sharing and increased co-ordination of activity.
  4. To maximise links between communities and statutory and voluntary providers.


The Forum meets every 8 weeks in various community venues throughout north Belfast, if you are interested in coming along to a meeting please contact Justine Brown on or (028) 9075 2990