North Belfast

Jennymount Mill, York Road
The North Belfast Parliamentary Constituency stretches from the City Centre area of High Street and St Anne’s Cathedral, along the Shore Road to the Whiteabbey roundabout, towards Mallusk to the North West boundary of the Cavehill, and from Ligoniel connecting back to the city via the Crumlin Road. The area is contained by the natural boundaries of the Belfast Hills and Belfast Lough. Additional physical boundaries that encircle the north of the city include the Westlink Carriageway and the M2 Motorway which are key commercial corridors connecting with regional and national transportation infrastructures.
North Belfast is characterised by its unique blend of scenic beauty in the area surrounding the Cavehill and its primary economic hubs located at the port and Duncrue Estate. In the 2001 Census, the population living in the North Belfast Parliamentary Constituency was recorded as 86,066, which accounts for 31% of the population of Belfast. One of the most striking features of North Belfast is the depth of community division and inter-community tensions that exists in this part of the city. A legacy of the troubles is that the area is described as a patchwork of small communities, often separated by walls and peacelines, in which people have an intense sense of belonging.
Consequently, North Belfast communities have encountered significant degrees of decline in the areas social and economic infrastructure. This decline is illustrated in the large number of electoral wards in the area ranked amongst the most multiple deprived neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland. Such deprivation is manifest in the high proportion of residents with no educational qualifications -10% more than the Northern Ireland average. Economic activity in the north of the city is also lower at 53.3% when compared with Belfast at 56.9% and the Northern Ireland average of 62.3% - according to the 2001 Census.
It is against this social and economic backdrop that North Belfast Partnership seeks to promote a regeneration agenda to tackle the causes of deprivation and social exclusion that affect the lives of so many people living in North Belfast. The North Belfast Partnership has outlined in its strategy its priorities for improving regeneration locally and its commitment to work in partnership to reduce deprivation and its impact on people and their communities.
The Partnership’s Strategic Mission is:
"North Belfast Partnership will bring people and government together to make North Belfast a place that people and communities will want to live and work in."