Limestone Trust Small Grants Programme


The Limestone Trust in association with North Belfast Partnership have launched the Small Grants Programme for north Belfast. The Limestone Charitable Trust, established in 1998, seeks to support community and charitable groups working in north Belfast, to improve peoples’ life skills and well-being. The Trust’s aims are to promote personal growth enabling individuals to make informed life choices and encouraging their positive engagement with the communities they live in.

The Trust will consider support for a wide range of activities across north Belfast and will allocate funds to local community groups and registered charities.

Grants vary in size between £500.00 up to £5,000, with the larger occasional grant made on an exceptional basis. Limestone Trust does not normally provide funding to support:

– Applications from Individual persons including students

– Groups who already receive substantial funding

– Activities normally the responsibility of central or local government or other responsible bodies

– Schools, universities and colleges

– Hospital and medical centres

– Loans or business finance

Who can Apply

The Trust’s small grants programme is open to constituted community groups and charitable organisations working with people living in north Belfast.

How to Apply

Applications are available from North Belfast Partnership.

Applications should provide a clear, concise description of the project along with the outcomes and benefits to be achieved in line with the Trust’s aims. The application must specify the purpose and budgetary allocations for the grant. If your proposal is a candidate for the Trust’s support you will hear from us within 12 weeks of an acknowledgement letter.

For an application form please email Lorraine McBrearty at North Belfast Partnership, Units 42-44, 2 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast: