Jigsaw Community Counselling Centre launches a new North Belfast Mentoring Programme

Jigsaw CCC has launched a new programme,'Connect'.  The aim of Connect is to offer a supportive hub and guidance for those within the community who are suffering from social isolation.  This free programme will consist of willing and enthusiastic volunteers who are on hand in the centre to bond and network with the clients in order to try and incorporate them back into community whilst improving their confidence and skills.  Connect will be a drop-in service, although any interested clients or organisations who would like to refer should do so via the contact details below.

There will be a mentoring scheme also in place for any clients who would like to establish extra support and guidance.

The schedule of the meetings is fairly simple - all clients will be welcome to come and have a chat and a cup of tea, this may be all they need in order to relieve some stress.  A schedule of programmes and themes will be run to meet the direct needs of the client. 

The main objective of this facility is to give a safe and supportive hub for clients who are trying to rebuild their lives.

Four main groups have been established initially to try and attract to the scheme.  These include; Action against addictions; Men and Women united against self harm; LGBT community or anybody confused about their sexuality and Young parents struggling to cope or suffering from PND.

Please contact Vicki Brown for further information. 

Vicki Brown

Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Jigsaw Community Counselling Centre

First Floor Unit B

254-256 Ballysillan Rd, Belfast, BT14 6RB

Telephone: 02895438166