Housing Rights Service One Day Course

Repairs-Responsibilities and Remedies-April 2 Belfast, April 3 Derry/Londonderry

Problems with getting repairs done is one of the most common enquiries to the Housing Rights Service advice line. It is a topic which causes a lot of distress for tenants in the private rented and social rented sectors; especially when repairs are delayed or not addressed at all.

The problems with repairs include:

• Determining who is actually responsible for carrying out the repairs i.e. is it the landlord or tenant who is responsible? • How can that responsibility be enforced? • What are the remedies?

This one day course will look at:

• The role of the tenancy agreement in determining repair responsibilities; • Statutory default repair obligations; • Response times for repairs; • Enforcing repair obligations, including the role of fitness and public health legislation and Environmental Health; • Complaining about repairs.

Email geraldine@housingrights.org.uk to book your place. 

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