Connecting Across The City

Connecting across the City is a Corrymeela initiative supported by Belfast City Council.  Connecting will bring  people together who are working or living in a particular area in this case North Belfast over a light meal for a conversation.  Connecting will give people who maybe see each other across a shop counter, on the other side of the road, in an office but have never meet, the opportunity to work through a menu of conversation topics and maybe find that they are more connected than they would have thought.

We read all the time that Belfast is a deeply segregated society and Connecting Across the City is a small step to address this, to encourage people to see that we are connected through geography, work, interests and story.  We would love if you would come along. The North Belfast event is taking place on Wednesday 2nd October in the Ulster Hall from 6pm till around 9.00pm.   For more information and reviews on the south Belfast event which was a great success see

If you would like to attend contact Anne McKay either by e-mail or phone on 07596 164690.