Community Change's Funding Bulletin

Community Change has a new service called Money Mondays - a new FREE service being piloted where a member can book a 1 hour funding support session with James Laverty at CCNI to help identify funding opportunities for any group and provide guidance on applying to funders.

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Grow Wild Funding Opportunity
Grow Wild aims to bring people and communities together across the UK to make a difference to where we live by sowing UK native wild flowers.
Funding from £500 - £5,000 is available to create a community site in your area and is available to local voluntary or community organisations, a group of young people or a creative group. Grow Wild are looking for local groups and organisations across the UK to come forward with exciting and inspirational ideas to give neglected and uncared-for sites and spaces a new lease of life. They are particularly interested in hearing great ideas from groups of young people.
A Grow Wild community site is a place where local people use UK native plants to create a space for everyone to enjoy. At the moment, your Grow Wild site might be an unloved, neglected and rundown area that you’d like to reclaim for the local community. You just need to tell Grow Wild how you want to turn it into an inspiring space for everyone.
This is an ambitious four-year project led by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. They are particularly looking to involve and inspire young people between the ages of 12 – 25, through positive and transformational community activity.
The following criteria should be adhered to when applying
ï‚· Community Involvement
ï‚· Young Peoples Involvement
ï‚· Legacy
ï‚· Local Profile
How to Apply
For further details on the application process please visit:
The deadline for completed applications in Northern Ireland is 6 January 2014 and your form should be sent to Groundwork at
Petplan Charitable Trust – Animal Welfare Grants
The Petplan Charitable Trust offer welfare grants concerning the welfare of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses by funding clinical veterinary investigation, education and welfare projects. The grants are intended to promote and improve the welfare of animals and relieve their suffering.
Funding Bulletin
Welfare Grants: Grant applications must demonstrate a direct benefit to the species supported by Petplan Ltd (i.e. dogs, cats, horses and rabbits). Grants to human charities may be considered when it can be clearly demonstrated that the grant will enhance/give support to the animals’ best interest. Education is seen as an important role for the welfare arm of the Charitable Trust and requests for funding for education in animal welfare will be considered. Petplan Charitable Trust is offering 4 categories of grant funding:
ï‚· One major welfare grant of up to £20,000 towards an innovative project to improve animal care and welfare
ï‚· Up to £40,000 to be distributed for general* grants of between £5,000 and £7,500
ï‚· Up to £40,000 to be distributed for general* grants of up to £5,000
ï‚· Up to 3 grants to assist with vehicle purchase
*General grants can include items such as neutering, kennelling costs, veterinary fees etc. However please note that the Trust will NOT consider any applications for funding for general overheads such as rent, general staff costs etc.
How to apply
For more details on applying to the Petplan Charitable Trust please visit:
The deadline for completed applications is 13 December 2013
Building Peace through the Arts - Re-Imaging Communities
The Building Peace through the Arts – Re-Imaging Communities Programme supports community groups and local authorities across Northern Ireland and the Border Areas of the Republic to tackle sectarianism and racism by engaging local people with artists in the development of public art.
Criteria Each project must provide opportunities for communities to promote tolerance and understanding while using the arts to express who they are and what culture means to them. The programme tackles the different forms that segregation and division take in the wide range of different types of communities that are found across Northern Ireland and the Border Regions;
ï‚· Within the larger urban areas, the programme aims to free the public realm from visible displays of sectarian aggression and intimidation such as graffiti, flags and murals.
ï‚· Within the numerous small villages and rural communities, where displays of the visible trappings of sectarian division are limited, the programme
Funding Bulletin
recognises that barriers nonetheless exist and are manifest in a number of ways, including people’s ability to move freely and safely about the community.
ï‚· within the border areas, the programme recognises that
there are diverse pockets of minority communities that may be subjected to a dual form of segregation in relation to their local neighbours and to their historic hinterland.
Depending on the level of funding you are requesting, you will either complete a:
ï‚· Small Grants application form (for projects seeking £500 to £15,000)
ï‚· Large Grants application form (projects seeking £15,001 to £50,000).
How to apply
Please note that applications for this programme cannot be submitted online. Please refer to the programme guidance notes for further information details of which are in the following link:
The application process for this programme differs to other Arts Council of Northern Ireland lead programmes.To apply, groups must first contact the Re-Imaging Communities team to discuss their proposal and they will then be issued with an application form. Contact details are as follows:
Programme Manager: Sean Keenan. Tel: 028 90 385273
Community Development Officers
David Gilliland e: Tel 028 90 385276
Ann Ward e: Tel 028 90 385266
Support Officer: Marlyn Beck e: Tel 028 90 385228
Other funders you should know about
Another funder Community and Voluntary Groups in Northern Ireland can apply to is the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for people and communities throughout the UK both now and in the future. They do this by funding the charitable work of organisations with the ideas and ability to achieve positive change. The Foundation is one of the largest independent grant-makers in the UK and they make grants of £30 - £35 million annually towards a wide range of work within the arts, education and learning, the environment and social change. They also operate a £26 million Finance Fund which invests in organisations that aim to deliver both a financial return and a social benefit.
The majority of their funding is through the Main Fund. The sectors that they support are:
ï‚· Arts
ï‚· Education and Learning
ï‚· Environment
ï‚· Social Change
They sometimes run funding programmes outside the Main Fund focused on specific themes such as a Food Strand and a Merger Fund. They also have a Finance Fund that makes social investments.
The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation distributed over £37.6 million in 2012 of which groups in Northern Ireland received £914,806 overall in grants.
How to Apply
The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation has no deadlines and information on how to apply is available on the website: