Bryson Energy's Fuel Poverty Projects

Bryson Energy currently has two projects New Health Routes and Oil Brokering to address fuel poverty.

New Health Routes

The project lasts for 3 years and is applicable to all of N.I.

By promoting and working in partnerships alongside health professionals, community groups, other relevant organisations Bryson aims to identify young families that might be at risk of fuel poverty and signpost families to Free Energy Efficiency schemes that in turn will make the home warmer, healthier and more economic to run thus less stress (mental illness).

Oil Brokering

This is a project that runs in North and East Belfast namely Ardoyne and Cregagh and immediate surrounding areas. The more members Bryson registers (and places oil orders) by joining the Community Heating Oil Buying Club the lower price per litre they can negotiate.

Should you require any additional and/or more in depth information please contact:

Leo Andrade Project Officer Bryson Energy Bryson Charitable Group Unit 2, Rivers Edge 13 - 15 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 8DN DDI: 028 9073 4261 Fax: 028 9073 2073 E-mail: