Belfast City Council Recycling

Thank you for Recycling!

Thanks to you, we have reached a recycling rate of 40%!

More waste recycled = More money to reinvest back into Belfast.

Every household in Belfast area has access to a kerbside recycling service. Depending on where you live you will either have a blue bin or black and red recycling boxes.

Just a reminder:

• Blue bin for dry recyclables: paper, cardboard, food and drinks cans, clean foil, cartons e.g. tetra pak and plastic bottles
• Brown bin for garden waste (leaves, grass, hedge trimmings etc.), shredded paper and food waste
•  Black and red kerbside boxes for dry recyclables. Black box: paper, plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays, cartons, food and drinks cans, aerosols and clean foil (in separate bag).
Red box: Cardboard, glass bottles and jars, textiles (in separate bag), batteries (in separate bag) and hand tools. You will also have a small green bin for food waste.

If you need to order another recycling bin or box please contact us on 0800 032 8100.

Assisted Lifts:

If you’re physically unable to leave your bin or boxes out for collection, you can apply for an assisted lift service (subject to certain criteria).

Refuse bins: Call 9027 0230 or email

Recycling:  Call 0800 032 8100 or email