Active Belfast Grants

Working through the Belfast Strategic Partnership, Active Belfast has launched the third year of its ‘Grant Scheme’, which aims to support more people to be active in the key areas of;

• Walking • Cycling • Community Capacity • Access To Places

In total there will be £50,000 of support available to each of the 4 key areas listed above, with £25,000 towards a large scale citywide programme in each key area (priority 1) and £25,000 to support local community programmes in each of the key areas (priority 2).

The minimum award for a local community grant will be £1,000 and the maximum £5,000.

Please note the closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 7th March at 12.00pm.

Application forms and guidance notes are available from Martina Smyth by phoning 028 9050 2073, or my emailing