About Us

North Belfast Partnership was established in 1997 under the Making Belfast Work Initiative along with four other Partnerships across Belfast, Greater East, Greater Shankill, West and South which together operate under the common forum of Belfast Area Partnerships (BAPs). North Belfast Partnership coordinates urban regeneration activity throughout North Belfast.  It seeks to promote social and economic regeneration in north Belfast to address the causes of deprivation disadvantaging many local people and their communities.

The Partnership has identified four key areas as the focus of its development work, through its Strategic Regeneration Framework:

• Leadership and Community Cohesion

• Maximising Land Use and Connections

• Neighbourhood Vitality

• Education, Skills and Enterprise

The Partnership supports regeneration through the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy led by the Department for Communities, facilitating it across north Belfast's five Neighbourhood Renewal Areas.

As a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity the Partnership’s Strategy and operations are overseen by a Board comprising representatives from across the local community and voluntary, public, private, social partner and political sectoral interests. A central feature of the Partnership's work is to facilitate stakeholder engagement to create effective collaboration which can influence how public policy and strategic resources are used to respond to local needs.

The Partnership's staff working closely with stakeholders in the regeneration process has created a series of effective development strategies to address some of the socio-economic conditions that impact on North Belfast. A few examples of successful partnerships in practice include the Partnership's work on the Urban II Programme, its employability initiatives, and a range of important interventions around health and well-being and local housing and the environment. The Partnership continues with its development work on community regeneration issues and will encompass aspects of this work within the Government's Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy led by the Department for Communities.

Detailed information on all aspects of the Partnership’s economic development work is contained on this site..